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6 Common Functional Changes As We Age

As we age there are 6 common functional changes that occur:

  1. Physical changes
  2. Perceptual changes
  3. Cognitive changes
  4. Hearing and Visual changes
  5. Frequent Falls
  6. Psychological changes

Not all age related changes take place at once; it may be a slow and steady decline or you may notice a sudden steep decline in one or more area.

If you are seeing troubling signs that your loved one is struggling with a age related functional decline and being able to live independently, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Is memory loss affecting the day-to-day function of mom/dad/grandparent?
  • Are you seeing signs of poor judgment, changes in spending habits?
  • Mom/dad seem to be falling more frequently, are there injuries that can’t be explained?
  • Are they forgetting to take their medications, or taking them incorrectly?
  • Is there loss of interest in activities that they previously enjoyed?
  • Do you have reports of inexplicable behavior from friends or neighbors?
  • Have you noticed an increase in poor personal hygiene or use of inappropriate clothing?
  • Do you feel your loved one is trying to do too much, like mowing the lawn?
  • Do mom/dad/ grandparents seem lonely, sad or isolated?
  • Have you noticed an increase in spoiled food or poorly prepared food?

At Live Your Life Homecare we are here to help. Our nursing staff can work with you and your loved one finding a solution that works for everyone. Studies have shown that seniors, when supported, do better living in their own home. So, whatever you do, don’t delay in taking action. Start asking questions. If you have any concerns with your loved one experiencing an age related functional decline, call to book your free care consultation with one of our nurses today.

Dana Huggett